Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Me being the lazy person I am, I decided to use the ask the librarian chat feature at library.wisc.edu.  I thought, they would be better at searching through MadCat than I was, this was the correct assumption.  The librarian found me two books, History and overview of solar heat technologies by Donald A. Beattie and Gaiam Real Goods solar living sourcebook : the complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living by John Schaeffer.  Both these books were located on the second floor of Wendt library.  I walked to Wendt earlier this morning, asked the librarian to point me to the right direction and then huzzah!  The books I was looking for magically appeared before my eyes!  It is pretty amazing, the power of a librarian.  I did not know whether to scream witch or just say thank you.  I chose to choose the second option because I didn't want to stir panic in the library.  Or let her make me mysteriously vanish...Yikes. Anyways, before when I was online looking for books online I went to the related subjects in the book description.  I found two more books because of this, Handbook of solar and wind energy by Floyd Hickok and Engineer's guide to solar energy by Yvonne Howell and Justin A. Bereny.  I put both these books on reserve because they are on UW Madison Shelving Facility.  I will get them on Wednesday in Memorial when I work early in the morning.  

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