Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sound Track of My Life!

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi ft. MGMT.  I would like to include this song in my life because it entails my first college semester in Madison.  I felt as if I was looking for happiness and could not find it.  I felt that I came to Madison to complete a mission/goal in life.  I would bury myself into my studies, ask myself repeatedly why am I studying the subjects I chose, trying to find the meaning of life.  I tried to find a purpose in everything and if I deemed it useless I would try to no longer do the habit.  It was not until I met my friends Rick and Justin where I felt as if I found what I was looking for, happiness.  Kid Cudi asks us to tell him about dreams, and then tells us we know nothing.  This may be true.  Our reality is what we make of it, so if we make our dreams reality are they still dreams?  Either way, one will always be on The Pursuit of Happiness.


Around the World by Daft Punk.  This song is one of my favorites, where I just let my mind go free and let my imagination run wild.  The beats in the song makes one want jump around and dance.  Also, after watching the video one see the perfect synchronization done by the dancers.  Things move freely in the music and the video.  This song gives me inspiration when I'm doing school work, drawing, or just want to listen to something familiar.  I was introduced to Daft Punk when I was a child and will never let go to the endless loops and the imagery they introduce into mind.  Let your mind run free.


Firefly by Saves the Day. Aw, yes one of my cherished bands.  This is probably one of the first bands I listened to when I was yet a wee one.  My older sister introduced me to them and to be honest I did not like them at first. Maybe, it was because their vocals are a little bit more unsteady than most bands, but as I listened to them continually I started recognized their lyrics and they brought a lot of imagery.  Some of their lyrics are nonsensical, but then again I was a wee one.  Also, this in this song, its about a guy and a girl getting drunk, having sex, and then the guy likes the girl, but does not tell her.  But the lines when I was a child meant something totally different. The lines that had a lot a meaning to me were:
"To me you are the light from a light bulb that breaks sometimes
and the tender warmth inside is released into my life"
These lines remind me that even through a failure there can still be something good that comes out it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Me being the lazy person I am, I decided to use the ask the librarian chat feature at library.wisc.edu.  I thought, they would be better at searching through MadCat than I was, this was the correct assumption.  The librarian found me two books, History and overview of solar heat technologies by Donald A. Beattie and Gaiam Real Goods solar living sourcebook : the complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living by John Schaeffer.  Both these books were located on the second floor of Wendt library.  I walked to Wendt earlier this morning, asked the librarian to point me to the right direction and then huzzah!  The books I was looking for magically appeared before my eyes!  It is pretty amazing, the power of a librarian.  I did not know whether to scream witch or just say thank you.  I chose to choose the second option because I didn't want to stir panic in the library.  Or let her make me mysteriously vanish...Yikes. Anyways, before when I was online looking for books online I went to the related subjects in the book description.  I found two more books because of this, Handbook of solar and wind energy by Floyd Hickok and Engineer's guide to solar energy by Yvonne Howell and Justin A. Bereny.  I put both these books on reserve because they are on UW Madison Shelving Facility.  I will get them on Wednesday in Memorial when I work early in the morning.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Banned Commerical-Condoms

In this advertisement, there is an attractive blond male with a child at the age of 8 or 12 in a grocery store. The man approaches the candy section and the child puts a big bag of sweets into the shopping cart. The man puts the candy back, but the kid retrieves it and sets it back into the shopping cart. This time the camera is angled towards the man's face and it is clear that he is stern about not buying the candy. The child notices this and begins to cry. Multiple shots of the child's face are shown; screaming, yelling, and crying in a foreign language saying, "I want those sweets!" The camera then moves towards the man displaying frustration. After this it shows other shoppers at the grocery store looking at the man and child with the facial expression of "What the hell is going on?" The man then tries to reach for the child, but misses. The child runs and starts knocking things down from shelves. After this it goes back to the man's face showing frustration. On this shot the bottom half of the screen displays "USE CONDOMS." After this it fades out and ZaZoos one for two condoms logo has the last shot of the advertisement. The child's tantrum last for about 30 seconds and the advertisement is only 46 seconds long. This leaves the viewer with mood of frustration just like the man experienced in the advertisement. This commercial is only viewable online since it was banned from television.

This commercial is appeal is obviously to use condoms not to get an annoying little brat. It's convincing because the viewer goes through the same trauma that the man experiences in the commercial, which is frustration. The commercial uses Fowle's appeal, the need for escape. This is clear because the man is undoubtedly frustrated. This commercial is also humorous because nobody would ever expect this ad to be for condoms. The commercial is ambiguous to what they are trying to selling and at the end of the ad it is set clear. This makes the ad funny because one is thinking "What the hell is going on!?!?" and then makes the message clear at the end leaving the viewer at a comical state because he can now relate to the man in the grocery store. I believe the commercial is very effective due to the emotion it brings to the viewer. I know I wouldn't want to be in the situation that man was in.