Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meaning of Life?

What are the other people's goals and why?  What is their meaning of life?

This topic might not fulfill Robert's definition of picking an unusual topic, but it is one I have been wondering about over the last few days.  I understand that this topic is broad, but I have decided to interview the men on the first and second floor and women on the third floor in my dormitory, this will limit my sources.  I want to know why are people going to college and living the lives they do.  Have they put thought into their daily lives, or is it just immediate gratification? is the site that made me curious about this topic; I stumbled on videos, articles, and other peoples perspectives that made me question my way of living.  I want to know what college students do and want to know the path they choose to follow.  The college students are more important to me than world known people such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.  Because it shows extraordinary things that ordinary people do.  Also, people know the path saints take toward their goals, but what I want to know is what are the average college students’ steps toward their goals? 

I understand that this topic will vary, because all people are different.  If it does tend to sway back and forth then I will have to make some type of guideline to follow such as most college students have no goals, because they never really had a passion for anything and never thought about what they want to accomplish in life, because everything was provided for them and they live merrily and had no challenge thus this far.  This is a very rough draft question to my research paper and will define it better in near future. 

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